Sunday, 11 November 2012

Perth's Mexican - the ones worth knowing

They all serve a different purpose. In order of deliciousness...

1. el PÚBLICO for when I want a buzz (tequila optional), and brilliant food - tasty, imaginative and authentic Mexican flavours with a contemporary flair. Order the ‘Esquites. Please. The humble street corn is not to be underestimated! el PÚBLICO are my numero uno in this league, by a mile. 

Clockwise top Left: Chicken Tamales,  back room dining, cheese and onion taco, the bar, 'esquites'  dish
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2. The Flying Taco is for when I want a cheesey, gratifying burrito. The prices are a bit on the tall side, but one of their crispy slow cooked pork and pineapple burritos never fails to satisfy my comfort food yearning. 

One 'Carnitas' burrito ready to be devoured 
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3. Casa Mexicana - El Compa. Fuss-free menu, casual festive decor and bang on margaritas – this newcomer is an ideal starting point for a casual fun night with friends…Unfortunately there is not great bump for your buck. Tacos go for $7 a pop. Note that they roll their soft tortillas in-house however, and you can taste the difference.
Margaritas and fish tacos at Casa Mexicana- El Compa

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4. La Cholita is when you want Tequila cocktails, a good time vibe, and some Mexican shares to go with. I would never seek out La Cholita to indulge my Mexican craving alone. Not substantial enough and secondly, I’m not going to wait the standard 2 hours to get my taco fix.

Dim lights and night time tequila induced revelry
Casa Mexicana - El Compa on Urbanspoon

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