Friday, 16 November 2012

Gaya, Roving

Have you witnessed the Mad Hatters Markets in Freo? They pop up at King’s Square, Wednesday – Sunday. Not quite as extensive as neighbouring markets, there are a few snack lunch options including an organic hot donut truck, Thai street snacks and Pho, among folk selling fresh produce.

I love any meal where you get to mix and play, and so my top pick from Mad Hatters, is Gaya – dishing out the Bibimbap, a Korean meal staple with a modern twist. Gaya is run by a guy whose passion for the Bibimbap is evident in his thoughtful assembly of this multi-faceted bowl of goodness. Every ingredient, as Gaya guy will explain, has a nutritional benefit. A wonderfully varietal and colourful lunch! 

Each day Mr. Gaya will vary the toppings slightly. My Bibimbap was a kaleidoscope of mixed fresh and home-pickled veggies - purple cabbage, lightly tendered zucchini, fresh broad beans, crunchy walnuts, bee pollen, bean shoots, pickled radish, wilted spinach, sesame seeds, cooked carrots and a squirt of Korean hot sauce, all atop wholesome brown rice.

Nothing originates from a jar at Gaya, all components are made lovingly from scratch at the Gaya's home. Even his Miso is the real deal.

Catch Gaya now at the City Twilight Hawkers Markets, every Friday from 5 through Summer.

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