Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Good Fortune Roast Duck House, 6003

Commonly referred to as "the one with the roast ducks hanging in the window", this Chinese eating house is a Northbridge/William St. and possibly a Perth institution. And one I took too long to try!

Golden, perfectly glazed ducks signal commuters inside. If you find this visual off-putting, taste the duck here and then you will find the sight of bronzed bird carcases extremely inviting.  

So if you hadn't got the hints yet - order DUCK. And please, please order the Peking Duck pancake. They're like a Chinese version of soft shell tacos. Every element just sings in perfect harmony - the warm lightly doughy pancake bread, the juicy duck flesh, perfectly crisped skin, spring onion, fresh quench of cucumber; all married with the delicious sweet Hoi Sin sauce -BAM! This stuff is gooooddd. $17.50 gets you 5 pancakes. We shared those between the two of us. If you're dining with a group of 5 - I advise you to order a second serve. No regrets.

Peking Duck Pancake

We also got the Salt and Pepper Soft Crab ($24). Our first introduction to the soft shell crab and I was totally sold. I've ordered soft shell crab twice whilst out, since trying it here the other week. Good Fortune make it delicately crunchy, salty and set it on a bed of chopped onions, lettuce and green chilli. Nom! 

Salt and Pepper soft shell crab

The restaurant itself is fairly small but lively and was not short of tables of Chinese patrons chowing down plates of roast duck. There's a large shared table inside and tall hatted chefs hack away at meat carcasses by the window. The lighting is stereotypically bright and the wall decorations included some daggy framed photographs of Joondalup Resort (???) I love the picture of the resort golf course with white ducks on the green. All these elements make for a novel dining experience. Not to be missed.

Peking Duck Pancakes $17.50 for 5

Food: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5

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