Thursday, 18 July 2013

Solomon's Cafe, 6050

This city may not be foreign to clean eating and alternative food philosophy (organic, paleo, vegan and raw), but what we haven't seen before is conscious eating dispensed in a sophisticated setting. While nearby PAWS and Veggie Mama (who I adore!) make great places for a no-frills healthy and ready lunch, Solomon's provides the ambient surrounds to enjoy this kind of food from sunrise to duskiness. Waited service, careful plating and attention to detail. Its all very California.

Solomon's by night

From the street, Solomon's looks small, quaint. Inside you'll discover the restaurant stretches back into real estate you didn't know existed. Its spacious without losing intimacy and a sun-lit courtyard surprises you at the back. Walls are mostly of exposed brick and wood, dotted with trinkets the (very sweet and passionate) owner has collected on his world travels. The staff are SO lovely. Its their passion and vested interest, which makes you want to return again. Even the chef said hello when I passed the kitchen.  

An earlier dinner date at Solomon's saw me sample a trio of sides; Crsipy Kale Chips, Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Blanched Mixed Greens. I wanted more and so backed it up with a solo lunch treat the following week. To start of I had an order of the Crispy Beetroot Chips, $6. The wafers of beetroot are dehydrated and served with salt and wedges of orange.  A tasty light starter.

Crispy Beetroot Chips with orange and salt, $6

I followed up with an entree serve of Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Coriander Pesto, $16. Oblong pieces of light dumpling were buttery, nutty, delicious, but the lack of pesto made the dish a bit dry.

Sweet potato gnocchi, entree sz, $16

Food is inventive, but the prices don't fit the quantities. If you have a big appetite, be weary. The mains are small, but designed to be enjoyed with one or two of their interesting all-vegan side dishes. The menu changes slightly depending on what could be bought fresh from the market that day.

Bottom line: healthy new-age food, in a comfortable setting. Passion and heart flows through the decor, the people and the cooking. Ah dear, two visits in and i'm already sounding like Portandia.

Food: 3.5/5 (Healthy, appetising, different)
Ambience 4/5 (Welcoming, relaxing, ZEN)
Service 5/5 (Heartfelt, sincere and the owners are there)
Value 2.5/5 (Prices are a bit excessive)

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