Friday, 23 November 2012

Cafe Müeller, 6056

Where are we? A restaurant? Really?

All time-warped and toasty, Café Müeller is a wonderful suburban hideaway. The cottage-cum-café is a warren of cosy lampshade-lit rooms crowded with old-world paintings, funny baubles, retro pin-ups, and other pre-loved collectibles.

Dining rooms are crowded with nostalgic ornaments and documents

So. Much. Character
As the charm of the décor evolves from its quirkiness, so does the menu, or there lack of. Each evening hosts a set entrée, main and dessert, according to the whim of the chef. Soft spoken and well humoured owner, Karl Müeller runs the floor, and his partner heads up the kitchen. Do not come here if you want quick service and haute cuisine. Café Müeller is a place for mulling and lulling over warming home-cooked fodder.  Mains are about $15 and with dessert and entrée, the whole weird and wonderful experience will set you back about $30.

Mismatched glassware and table lampshades, add wit and whimsy
The cuisine at Müeller is hearty German staples. Uncomplicated food that comforts and reassures; a refreshing departure from the zeitgeist of “smears”, “foams” and “reductions”. My night at Café Müeller saw us tuck into buttery brothy soup of mixed veg and stringed chicken, to start.
Mixed vegetable and chicken soup
Accompanying the soup was the house’s gorgeous baked bread, still hot from the oven. Crunchy crust and soft dough dotted with surprising fennel seeds. Don’t resist, this bread is just too delightful to turn down.
House baked fennel seed bread

For main was a Pork Schnitzel - the quintessential cold weather comfort food. A tender schnitty was encrusted in tasty golden crumb. On the side was German potato salad, and crisp iceberg in a vinegar and mayonnaise dressing. Simple, yet zingy partners to the schnitz.

Pork schnitzel, potato salad, ice burg lettuce

Dessert of the day was homemade baked cheesecake. The cake was unpredictably light a fluffy, resembling the flavours and textures of a mild Lemon Delicious pudding. Scrumptious!

Beautiful baked souffle cheesecake

Café Müeller is a memorable and lovable place. A destination for an unhurried dinner with (free!) BYO wine, a group of your nearest and dearest and free-flowing conversation.

 Cheesecake comforts
Food: 3.5/5 (Gratifying comfort food, tastes like Nan used to make)
Ambience: 5/5 (Warm, quirky, laid-back. So much warmth.)
Service: 3/5 (Karl is very lovely but the service requires patience…or a bottle of wine!)
Value: 5/5 (Three courses and an enjoyably odd experience comes to about $30/head - bargain!)

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