Friday, 1 June 2012

Source Foods, 6000

In a word: fresh. In two words: wholesome and fresh. In three: hearty, wholesome and fresh.

T Burger

Source are champions of the low food miles concept and I love it. All produce is bought from the nearest source possible (Ah, I just got the name now!) and meals are reproduced as close to their original, raw form. Yes there's lots of colourful vegetarian and vegan options but the dishes are hearty and you wont notice they're removed of meat (the bean quesadilla is a little bit awesome!). Don't be mistaken - Source are not exclusively vegetarian; they make some mean beef burgers too!

My favourites at Source are the Satay Tofu burger and the T Burger. The T stands for tempeh - a less processed version of tofu, derived from soybeans. The texture of the unprocessed soya beans give it a hearty and satisfying taste. I just love this burger! Stacked high with mixed lettuce, grated carrot, fresh tomato, roasted beeteroot and the best caramelised onions; this monster is then wedged between two soft, organic buns and some homemade hommus. It is one of my favourite lunches. This burger is on the menu ever day.

T, dissected

The satay burger is rarer to come by, but you can get it on Friday nights when Source lives its double life as a burger bar. These burgers are my favourite of all the burger joints I've tried in Perth (I've tried A LOT), mainly because they're just so fresh and overflowing with nutritious produce.

Satay Tofu Burger - you wont want it to end

Breakfast is also delicious as well as quite generous for the price. Coffee won't knock the socks off a connoisseur but its certainly nothing to complain about either!

Vego breakfast - toast with hommus, tomato, shrooms, spinach and great home style beans

The services is genuinely friendly, the cafe is drenched with light and the furnishings pared back and raw - much like the philosophy on food. The cafe has passed through a few different owners since its foundation but quality has't waned. If anything, it's gotten better.

T Burger

I love Source.

Food: 5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5

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