Monday, 12 November 2012

Is Donburi, 6003

Is Donburi is another notch OnWilliam’s belt, worth bragging about. They’ve only been around a little while but Is Donburi has already norm’ed its way into savvy Northbridge dweller lunch schedules. And why wouldn’t you make this a regular with what’s on offer? A clean well-lit dining space, take-away meals at the window, speedy service, complimentary Japanese tea and Miso, and delicious Japanese meals. 

The menu - what a selection! All the usual suspects are going, with special attention to Donburi, which takes the form of Teriyakis, katsu, kimchi, don with egg, seafood Chirashis and more. 

Teriyaki Salmon Don, $15.80
We tucked into the Teryaki Salmon Don (above), $15.80 - a substantial serve of glazed pink salmon with a variety of salady bits atop steamed rice. And also the Seafood Chirashi Don, $15.50 – a mix of fresh salmon, king fish, tuna prawn, squid, an exciting tapestry of mixed veggies and a zingy fruit based dressing. The raw fish was A-grade and Donburi overall was very fresh.
Seafood Chirashi Don $15.50

Of course, no Japanese eatery is complete without at least one novelty. Get a load of their Spring roll sushi rolls :D - 

Food: 4/5 (fresh, varietal, lengthy menu)
Value: 4/5 (too pricey and modern for the ‘cheap and cheerful’ category but for the freshness and size, very good bang for your buck)
Service: 4/5 (open 7 days, fast, plus free tea and miso soup)
Ambience: 4/5 (clean open space with access to decent William St. people watching) 

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