Friday, 9 November 2012

Milk and Paper, 6019

Milk and Paper is sweet new coffee pit-stop on Scarborough Beach Rd. Grab a cup, sweep over the day’s headlines and maybe get a small treat go with. The lovely owner is gradually adding personal touches around the small space, and introducing locally sourced baked goods. The ladies here are brewing with Sydney roast, Two Seasons. I’m a Fiori girl through and through but Two Seasons might be your cup of…coffee! I always admire a business who branch out too. Coming soon: light brunch, Wii-fi and text ahead coffee orders - win!

My favourite thing about Milk and Paper are their distinctive take-away coffee cups. If you’re a sucker for a novelty, a stop at Milk and Paper will be worth your while.

Prospects: Unique roast, coffee cup art love, polite service, being able to read the New Yorker while I wait
Drawbacks: Not enough seating, coffee could be stronger

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