Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ley Sreet Cafe, 6152

I don't know about you, but sometimes I find weekend brunch can turn into a stressful assignment. Deciding where to go is the first hurdle, and then when you reach your DBS (Destination Brunch Spot)* there's the task of coordinating your party to eye-off and shotgun tables (or if you're desperate; squeezing your group of five onto a table that's really designed for two), and then deciding on what lavish dish to order. Occasionally I yearn for the ease of a quiet NBS (Neighborhood Brunch Spot)** where you can just breeze in at a desired hour and the menu isn't going to overwhelm you with choice. Occasionally I don't want to get dressed up to eat breakfast. Occasionally I like to walk away from breakfast with change for a $20.

Ley Street Café falls into the NBS category. It's an understated and homely nook with salvaged furniture and chalk squiggled walls. An unfussy menu of hearty breakfast includes cheesy scrambled eggs ($9), Bacon & Egg Sandwhich with homemade BBQ Sauce ($12), and (really good) hollandaise eggs served on the humble English muffin ($6.50 for one egg, $12 for two). While the food isn't exactly the stuff of a foodie Instagram feed, it's comforting and cooked well. Between the Sayers and the Tuck Shops, I relished the simplicity at Ley Street. 

Eggs Florentine, two eggs ($12) and Cheesy scrambled eggs on toast ($9) with Mushrooms
It's a one-man show, so the food takes a bit of time. And that coffee...well, its drinkable at least. Owner-chef Adam makes up for these little glitches with his endearing Louis Theroux-ness. ALSO you have the option of a half or full serve of eggs AND my breakfast and coffee came to under $10. True story. 

One egg Eggs Florentine with Adam's tangy-buttery-delish Hollandaise ($6.50)
Cheesy Scrambled eggs on toast ($9) with side of mushrooms
*Involves any combination of: Decadent breakfast menu. You've ventured from your side of the River to get there. 15+ minute wait to get a table after 9:00am. Artisan roast coffee. Sh*tty parking prospects on account of the aforementioned things.

**Is defined by two or more of: Breakfast menu does not read like a work of creative fiction. You could linger over the paper and breakfast crumbs without receiving death stares from waiting patrons. You wouldn't cross any Causeways to get there. Unsurprising to see a diner sporting tracksuit pants/ugg boots/bed hair.

Food: 3/5 - Cooked well, prepared simply. 
Coffee: 2/5 - Mediocre, soy milk was less than great.
Ambience: 3.5/5 - Down-home, stress-free comforts
Value: 4.5/5 - $10 for an Eggs Benny. Yippee!

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