Saturday, 3 November 2012

Chinta, 6018

The creators of the Balinese sanctuary that is Chinta, have shaped a perfect tangle of gift shop and cafe. Sitting in the beautiful courtyard surrounded by potted bamboo, stone carved Buddhas, hanging lanterns and trickling water, whilst sipping chai from delicate teacups, has got to be good for your soul.

The kitchen delivers on creamy coffee and excellent café cabinet fare. We had the beef quesadilla served with a delish lime and mint yoghurt dressing, as well as the roast veggie stack, $14. Layered baked carrot, pumpkin, zucchini, sweet potato and what I think was vine leaf, made the perfect healthy lunch. The chai tea brewed with soy- was the best I’d drank since Leaf Tea Merchants closed down, too. 
Top: beef quesadilla, Bottom: Roast veg stack $14

So tastefully decorated, the island home wares and tropical merchandise, seep effortlessly into the ambience. So much so, that it’s hard to pick what’s for sale and what is a permanent fixture. At loss of a less clichéd metaphor - Chinta is quite accurately, an oasis among the Scarborough Beach Rd drought.

Food: 4/5 (Healthy, light and flavourful lunches with side salads worth eating)
Drink: Chai Tea and juice -  4/5 (Best chai in a while! Not too sweet, tastes natural. Order with soy)
Ambience: 5/5 (Merchandise that actually adds to the atmosphere without being overbearing. That courtyard!)
Service: 4/5 (Efficient and gracious)
Value: 4/5 (Standard suburban cafe prices)

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