Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Walk Cafe, 6008

Worthwhile dining options in Subi are few and far between in my opinion. There are a couple of 8s and 9's and certainly a fair share of 4's and 3's, but most of the eateries sit in the 5 and 6 pile. I rarely seek out a restaurant in Subiaco for a night out or weekend brunch. If I eat in Subi, it’s almost always because I’m simply in the area.  When my family and I dropped in for a weekend lunch a little while ago, I'd discovered The Walk Cafe had gone from good to bloody great.


Rokeby Rd has been blessed with some exciting new food destinations over recent months - the Frenchy masters behind The Loose Box and Choux brought Bistro Des Artistes and Llama bar recently classed up its fit out and added a new restaurant menu. I also discovered the hidden, rustic European wine bar, Juanita’s too. The Walk Café is another jewel to add to the list.

Roquette, pumpkin, goats cheese salad with grilled chicken
Since under new ownership, this thoroughfare cafe has really raised the bar in the delicious department. The Walk Cafe are now serving up superb chef-prepared, bistro style lunches in its casually stylish café space. It's the difference between toasted counter paninis; and fresh packed sandwiches assembled from scratch when you order.  It’s the breed of café/restaurant that runs in short supply here in Perth. The Walk kitchen is plating up classy salads, WA seafood, amazing risottos, hand rolled pastas; all twine with the seasons best produce.

Mint and pea risotto
I ordered the salad piled high with roquette, roast pumpkin, soft goats cheese and a tender grilled chicken filet for good measure. Abundantly lean. The risotto of the day was a classic combo of pea, mint and goats cheese - unpredictably amazing. The pasta dishes - parpadelle with slow cooked meat and fresh herbs; and a fettuccine with pumpkin, ricotta and chilli - were each hard to flaw.

Parpadelle with slow cooked lamb

You can also get a nice brunch, superb Fiori coffee and snappy table service.  We all enjoyed our meals so much that we agreed we needed to venture out to Subi for round two at The Walk soon!

Homemade fettuccine, pumpkin, ricotta, chilli

Food: 4.5/5 (quality ingredients, cooked perfectly, a dish for every taste)
Ambiance: 4/5 (buzzing, casual, alfresco available)
Service: 3/5 (forgetful at times but still appreciate the table service)
Coffee: 4/5 (silky smooth and robust)
Value: 3/5 (top quality and decent portions)

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