Saturday, 28 July 2012

Manna Wholefoods and Cafe, 6162

I freaking love this place. You cannot discover Manna and tell me vegetarian food is unsatisfying or boring or "rabbit food". I would eat here everyday if I could. This is vegetarian comfort food at it's comfiest! 

Order counter
Spelt pasta veggie bake and 7 salads $14

The selection is vast. When I popped in for lunch last week I counted; 7 different kinds of fresh salads, 8 varieties of sweets including 4 different kinds of raw cake (lime, coconut and goji berry), 3 kinds of pizza, 2 different quiches, 3 choices of vegetarian patties, 2 veggie pasta bakes, 2 types of wraps, plus a soup of the day and a curry of the day. Phewf! I was spoilt for choice! I ended up going for a piece of the veggie spelt pasta bake ($7). I couldn't resist the look of that cheesey crisped top and layers of roast zucchini and capsicum. 

L-R: beetroot, greek, carrot and mixed leaf on top
Veggie spelt pasta bake

I ordered my pasta bake with salad ($14 total) and asked for a bit of each. There was a rainbow on my plate of curried chickpea salad, beetroot and carrot, greek salad with capers and dill, mixed leaf, quinoa and a sweet carrot salad.

Curry of the day - chickpea and sweet potato
My favourite was the sweet carrot one which tasted like it had cardamon through it. The greek salad, jewelled with bright red grape tomatoes, was taken to another level with the addition of capers and dill. The quinoa, all garlicky and such, had sneaky twine of smokey mushroom - big yum.  On my last visit I got a roast capsicum stuffed with mushroomed wild rice and spinach plus salads. The potato salad is popular. We also tried the chickpea curry of the day. The Moroccan style curry was flavoursome and not oily in the slightest. 

stuffed capsicum, mix salads
I am always stuffed after eating here but feeling good about it and I usually take home half for dinner (thats if I can hold back). I essentially get two meals for the price of one :D. I managed to savour half my salads for later to make room for a slice of their intriguing Gogi berry raw cake, $6.50. 

Raw gogi berry cake $6.50
Raw goji berry cake

It had a distinct gogji berry taste, gently sweet and subtly tart. The "cheesecake" was silky, yet grainy and moussey all at once; propped on a crumbly cacao and nut base. A symphony of flavours and textures, if you will. Divine. 

Ah Manna. One of my fave places for lunch in Perth and definitely my top pick for vegetarian eats.

Food: 5/5! (Fresh, healthy, variety, hefty portions)
Ambience: 4/5 ( simple fit out for a quick lunch, nice sitting on South Tce on a sunny Freo day)
Value: 4/5 (home cooked, organic, generous and good prices)
Service: 4/5 ( super quick and helpful)

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  1. I really want to go here!! The selection of salads look amazing and most places charge ridiculous amounts for salads these days. Thanks for all your photos!