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Restaurant Amusé, 6004

Restaurant Amusé has been on my hit list for too long. Finally a occasion worthy of such a place came up! The menu is degustation only - $125pp and extra $75 for matched wines. 10 courses was intimidating enough so we opted for food only.

What struck me first about Amuse is the casual, contempo decor. "$125 a head", "degustation" and "Perth's best restaurant" had me expecting a super swish fit-out, but the place is surprisingly relaxed, young and comfortable. The restaurant is also very spacious, allowing for a calm atmosphere and private dining. You feel at ease.  The kitchen are obliging and will cater to any dietary requirements too - two of us had the pescatarian (no meat except seafood) menu, one opted for 'vegetarian plus fish' and the other three had the regular menu, although there was nothing relgular about this menu....

First up was what they called "Snacks". I can't recall what they were but they were as tasty as they were interesting.

Radish with a sauce of some description

We were also presented with an ocean trout sashimi served on a wafer of some sort. This was one of my favourite of the night. The delicious dill mustard mayonnaise with the sashimi was a match made in heaven. a luxurious e.v.o. whipped butter was also placed at our table for spreading our heavenly baked bread with. The bread was a stand-out on its own. Fluffy inside and an extra crusty crust.

ocean trout sashimi with dill dressing
e.v.o. whipped butter

The first course was King Fish with finger lime and tea seed oil. Second was Marron, lemon verbena, arborio.

King Fish, finger lime, tea seed oil

Marron, lemon verbena, arborio
Next came another favourite - Egg, mushroom and pine nuts. Smoky mushroom flavour was simply awesome. I got amusement out of the spectacle of this dish. Managed to time the camera perfectly with the smoke - hehe.

Mushroom, egg, pine nut
Mushroom, egg, pine nut

Started to feel a bit full after this course.....3 down..7 to go.

Next up was Scallop, cuttlefish and peas...The scallop was definitely the most perfect scallop I'd ever eaten. It just melted away in my mouth.

Next was my favourite savoury dish of the night - Ricotta, beetroot, chestnut. Yes I realise I keep claiming new favourites as each course came out, but on reflection of the whole degustation, this was my numero uno. I love the combination these classic flavours and the texture of the ricotta element was like a soft gnocchi or polenta - y-u-m!

Ricotta, beetroot, chestnut
Squid, cous cous, Ras El Hanout was my 'main' dish. I love Moroccan spices and ras el hanout is a pungent, heady scent. I also love love squid so this was a total winner! Our non vegetarian/pescatarian eaters were very envious of this subtitiue. The regular menu enjoyed duck.

Squid, Ras el Hanout, cous cous
Then came the palette cleansers - Grapefruit, tarragon and long pepper presented in a petri like dish. It looked like a science experiment - in a good way. The citrus flavour was delicate and exquisite.

And then we headed down the sweet route for four courses of dessert dishes.....!

The first was Pear, walnut and lemon. The pear was in the form of a airy foam and the walnut a heavy mousse. The lemon was a whipped string of deliciousness. This was a really outstanding dish. Such delicate textures and well known flavours, in unusual forms.

pear, walnut, lemon
Then came the exotic splatter of Chocolate, passionfruit and caramel. I can't tell you which I enjoyed more this or the former plate more....each were divine.

chocolate, passionfruit, caramel

Just when we were getting ready to seal the night with collective praise and groans of bulging bellies, another course of sweets came out. Everyone at the table managed to make room for the donuts, jubes and praline. 

Top: jubes, bottom: praline
Mini jam donuts

Restaurant Amusé was a fantastic dining experience. Experience being the key word. I'd bring someone here for a special occasion or just because you love them so much ;). Also an absolute must for any foodie friends. I would not recommend for a first date. Wait between courses is about 15-20 minutes and this could be the ultimate awkward silence nightmare.

I haven't even touched on service which was hands down the most special service I have had in Perth. The wait staff are knowledgable and sincere and they will watch you like a hawk and swoop in as soon as the last person on the table has rested their fork to clean away plates. Each course is also presented at the table in synchrony. There were seven at our table and so seven hands placed seven dishes, down at the same instant. It was a wonderful novelty.

A memorable experience for a memorable occasion.

Food: 5/5 (inventive, heavenly flavours and textures, art on a a plate!)
Ambience: 4/5 (Relaxed, modern and ample space)
Service: 5/5 (Special, professional, attentive, didn't miss a beat)
Value: 4/5

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