Saturday, 7 July 2012

Subiaco Hotel, 6008

It had been a long time since I'd eaten at the Subi Hotel. I sort of put it into the pile of places that had passed their hey-day, besides, its not really my market. 'Overpriced', 'predictable' and 'pretentious' are also a few adjectives that come to mind when I ponder this restaurant. Never one to turn down a boozey lunch invitation however, I visited this Subi institution for a leisurely Saturday lunch the other week. Well, I stand corrected. The kitchen here is handled by some deft chefs. We ordered from the Mod-Oz menu: Parapdelle, slow cooked lamb shoulder, capers, porcini mushroom, cream, $24.50; Warm fish salad, curry spices, coconut, wild rice, $26; Fish and chips, $25 and Fish of the day which was Ocean Trout Niçoise style - green beans, egg, roast peppers, potato with clams.

The parpadelle was rich, and not surprisingly with those ingredients. Indulgent and sumptuous but slightly sickening toward the end.

Parpadelle, lamb
The fish was cooked well - delicate with a crunchy beer batter. A simple dish that hit the spot.

Fish and Chips
The warm fish salad was unexpectedly awesome - a great mix of zesty, salty, sweet and fresh. Small pieces of white fish with aromatic spices, fresh mint, slithers of pear and red onion....I had major food envy with this one.

Warm fish salad

Leaning towards all things with salmon (cousin of Ocean Trout, in my eyes), I went for the Nicoise special. The skin was crisped well, if a little burnt, but the rest of the fish cooked a perfect 'medium'. I loved the accompanying roasted red pepper and clams. Mmm-mm!

Subi Hotel is somewhere I'd be happy to return too but I wouldn't necessarily suggest it for a Birthday dinner with friends or a fun date - it's a bit corporate. Subi Hotel is a nice place for a work-client do or a ritzy weekend lunch. There's a great wine selection and service is very 'together'. Atmosphere is classy, open and relaxing. The restaurant defineitly maintains that 'hotel' air and it's fail-safe option for such occasions. 

Food: 3.5/5 (Amazing fish salad, too-rich pasta dish)
Ambience: 4/5 (perfect for corporate lunches)
Service: 3/5 (professional but not necessarily friendly)

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