Friday, 31 August 2012

Estia, 6052

There have got to be only a handful of Greek restaurants in Perth (kebab shops not included!). When playing word association with Greek food, I think dolmades, greek salad and 3am kebab. Well, Estia plates up beautiful Greek dishes that prove far more sophistication and variety than the stereotypes.

The restaurant is modern with hints of 'Greek', themed in pale blue. Casually elegant and warm, much like the cheery boss - a lovely Cyprus man who makes sure every table leaves happy and full. And I don't say 'full' lightly - the portions are HUGE. This is some of the best value restaurant food you will find. The Spaghetti Thalassina ($27) is a supremely generous dish - four kinds of seafood; prawn, fish, squid and scallops, married in a glorious tomato sauce with peas and red peppers.

Spaghetti Thalasina
The restaurant speciality is the massive shared mezze; two courses of Greek delights like olives, fresh pitta, dips, grilled seafood and meats with all the trimmings. If you're not in a grazing and sharing mood, you wont be hampered with the mixed bag of mains of offer - seafood, meat, salads, vegetarian, light, heavy... a dish for every belly.

Prawn Saganaki

The Prawn Saganaki ($28) is a treat. Plump prawns cooked in a rammekin of rich tomato sauce, roast peppers, topped with melty haloumi and a side of fresh toasted pita. The Spanakopita ($26) is a classic Greek dish when you want something unfussy but satisfying. Spinach and fetta layered between flaky filo pastry with yoghurt dill sauce and rocket salad.

The entrees are also massive. We share a squid entree; tender coils in a dusting of herbed flour. Two of us had the soft shell crab entree for main. 2-3 whopping crabs in a crispy batter and a drizzle of garlicky, lemony aioli.

The only let down was the  dolmades. Too fat on the rice and the vine leaves too dry. I missed the vingery taste and dissolve away texture.

Dolmades entree

Soft shell crab entree
Daggers of food envy were directed at this lavish dish - Velvet ribbons of parpadelle roped with prawns, spicy sojuk sausage, broccoli, artichoke hearts and cream sauce, $27. It was like an antipasti in a pasta dish. Deluxe!

Parpadelle with prawns, artichoke, sausage, broccoli, $27

Estia is a winner. Unpretentious ambient restaurant with beautiful Greek food in colossal proportions.

Food: 4/5 (BIG portions, terrific value, masterfully cooked seafood, wide choice)
Ambience: 4/5 (spruce enough for a celebration, warm and friendly)
Service: 4.5/5 (jolly and efficient)
Value: 5/5

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  1. I want to eat there - RIGHT NOW! Looks bloody yummy!!!

    Did it rival Lygon St in Melbs?


  2. Ooops, I only just saw this! So good we ate here twice in one week! Was carrying a serious food baby afterward