Monday, 6 August 2012

Neighborhood Pizza, 6016

Fresh off the boat! This new kid on the block has gathered a bit of buzz since opening, so naturally; I had to check it out. I went on a Sunday night and the industrial space was humming with curious punters. There were a few families with young kids but mostly hipsters bearing burgundy beanies and bottles of booze. Neighborhood Pizza breathes at the back of IGA car park inside a warehouse, which is cool in concept but if you like conversation with your food - not so practical. Warehouse = noisy. Hard surface, voices,'s just basic physics, baby. Add BYO to the mix and yep, more noisy.

# 3 Mushroom, ham, olive tepenade $19

OK so onto the pizza. The bases are thin, which I like but the toppings are equally skinny.  #4: pumpkin, artichoke, capsicum, rocket and olive pizza on bianca base ($22) had *shavings* of toppings rather than hearty *lumps*. I like lumps. I found the choice of toppings very enticing- probably even the best selection of toppings I've seen going (how yummy does 'sweet potato with rosemary and maple syrup' or 'chill, capers and white anchovies' sound??) I just wanted them in vaster quantities! The dough tasted good and the lightness meant I was able to chow down without the post-carb bloat, but overall the pizzas lacked any real punch. If you like your pizzas cheesy and chunky then you might not be so crazy about this place. If you like 'em refined and lean then hey, this could be your new friendly Neighbour. If I put it another way - Neighborhood Pizza is the opposite of Little Caesars. It's all down to personal taste really.
#4 Pumpkin, peppers, olives, artichoke, rocket pizza on bianca base $22

Apologies for the rather dismal photos. Dim-lit warehouses aren't conducive to food photography.

Pizza: 2.5/5 (nice light dough but lacked flavour, not more-ish enough)
Service: 2.5/5 (Stressed, bit slow, could have used some more smiles)
Value: 2.5/5
Ambience: 2/5 (Lacked warmth, noisy, dark)

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