Friday, 1 June 2012

Rochelle Adonis, 6003

Rochelle Adonis is  swank high tea for the contemporary lady of leisure. Whilst the chandeliers, flower arrangements, traditional teas and vintage crockery have persisted; the edibles do not conform to a conventional English High Tea one bit. There is not a scone or quiche Lorraine in sight. The kitchen rotate a set-menu selection of 4 savoury and 4 sweet nibbles with a palate cleansing interlude. It's $45 pp and includes unlimited tea and coffee.

So just what magnificent treats can you expect from this modernized High Tea? Be delighted. To start we had some delicate cucumber and dill sandwiches, crusts removed/ Naturally.


The savoury dishes comprised 1. A very fancy dolmades  served with a saffron aioli; 2. Asian mushroom money bag on a small bed of Asian style salad of mint, coriander, chilli and lime; 3. Warm creamed pea soup shooter and 4. Pork belly morsel served on pork rillette, wafer thin dried apple and some sort of quince tasting jelly. The pork was my favourite.

Clockwise from left: dolmades, pea soup shooter, pork and mushroom money bag

Bridging savoury to sweets was a refreshing scoop of watermelon and strawberry sorbet served in the most regal of silver spoons that looked as if made specially for this purpose.

Watermelon and strawberry sorbet

Rochelle Adonis is famed for her desserts and you might recognise some of her cabinet goodies from the counters at Cantina 663 and other cafes in the Highgate/Northbridge/Mt Lawley area. To sweets is where the most dedication is given.

Take home confections
The Dessert tier....

Served in an Asian soup spoon was a magical wedge of coal covered pineapple with possibly an Earl Grey? mousse. Of the flavour I can’t be sure, but one thing is for certain – it tasted amazing! Like a pandan/coconut flavour infused into a voluptuous cream.

The next was a sort of ‘Eton mess’ style pot with flavours of the Middle East – cardamon, pomegranate and rose – gorgeous!

The least impressive of the sweets was the layered chocolate cake. On its own I would have thought it quite excellent but it was overshadowed by the other sugary masterpieces.

The most delectable thing to reach my lips was this piece of heaven – the peach gallete. Perfectly puffed puff pastry with baked peach and a wicked burnt honey cream – I could have eaten 5!

Ooooh yeah baby. Peach galette with heaven cream

Unfortunately the action didn't match the goods. Our waitress was cold and abrupt and the palpable stress seemed to flow from the kitchen to the table. I would have benefited from some ventilation throughout the space too! This said, I would happily endure a sweaty, high-strung service for those heavenly sweets again!

Food: 4/5
Service: 2.5/5
Ambience: 2.5/5

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