Sunday, 20 May 2012

Daisie's of Cottesloe, 6011

Picture your typical corner deli. Add bakery quality goods, some alfresco seating, sprinkle a bit of nautical blue and white, center it in afffluent coastal suburbia and give it a cutesy name - and you have Daisie's Of Cottesloe.

Daisies' are famed for their home baked muffins. From Banana, Blueberry, Mocha, Apple & Cinnamon; I chose the Raspberry White Chocolate. The muffin was a beefy thing with fluffy insides that were spot with white-choco buttons and delicious raspberries. It was clear they used the best quality ingredients and baked it to golden perfection.

White choc-raspberry muffin $4.50

At $4.50 a pop - this is not a cheap muffin but I half expected that for this neighbourhood. The glad wrapped slices are not made on site but you can be certain you're getting the real deal with the muffins at Daisie's.

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