Saturday, 2 June 2012

Piccolo's Corner, 6007

I adore this lovable breed of cafe. Corner delis-cum-cafes just ooze cuteness, character and privacy. Especially when they're situated in a quiet, leafy suburban street like this one.

Piccolo's until recently was Charlie's Corner; a step-up from a local convenient store that served barista coffees and tea. The new owners have maximised the small square of land and given it a pretty fix up. There's an all day brunch menu with a couple of inspired options such as "Smashed Pumpkin with pesto and poached egg on toast" as well as some lovely cakes and savoury tarts. Piccolo's make a tribute to the milk bar confections from old Charlie's in an attractive display of glassware. 

Self-service candy  
Woolwich St.

I tried a slice of moist orange cake on my first visit and yesterday I had a slice of Spanakopita - a Greek savory pastry filled with spinach and cheese. The Spanakopita was lightly lemony and topped with some nutty basil pesto. My friend spoke fondly of her smashed pumpkin breakfast. You can see much love goes into the cooking.

Smashed pumpkin, egg, basil pesto on ciabatta

I was also very pleased with my better-than-token side salad of baby spinach, grape tomatoes, pear and parmesan.

Apple, celery, ginger juice
Spanakopita and side salad

The food is good but the greatest privilege at Piccolo's Corner is it's serene location and charming courtyard. A perfect place for a quiet coffee, whether you're alone with some reading material or are plus one.


Orange cake
Short mac with a cheeky marbled marshmallow

I read another blog that called this cafe "very Perth".  She is so right - Piccolo's is perfectly, picturesquely Perth.

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Service: 3/5

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