Friday, 18 May 2012

The Juicy Beetroot Cafe, 6160

Tricky to spot, The Juicy Beetroot Cafe is buried down Tum Tum Tree Lane (can you get a more adorable street name?!) that runs off High Street.

It's vegetarian, vegan, healthy and well priced! 

The Juicy Beetroot display a confetti of salads that get snapped up for take-away lunches by nearby workers (myself included). It's $7 for small and Juicy put no limit to how many different kinds you want to stuff into that plastic container.

beetroot, lentils, broccoli, carrot!

If you want something a but more filling and warm  - go for one of the hot dishes that rotate from the bain-marie. Last week I eyed off some Dahl and a Cauliflower curry.

Theres dine in seating provided - set to the backdrop of some cross-cultural decorations.

If you're tempted for something sweet - pick up one of the Chocolate Brazil nut slices. They're crumbly, chocolately and delicious and only $2.50.

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