Friday, 18 May 2012

RAAH, 6003

There's a bit of a shortage of Middle Eastern restaurants in Perth and so I find RAAH worthy of its spot on our well-loved and ever lively Beaufort St.  The restaurant is very ambient inside, draped with Moorish trinkets and carved wooden furnishings. Veiled (literally, veiled) from the bustle of Beaufort St, you feel very secluded from the happenings outside which I though was a bit odd. I would say the best part of this location is the buzz of Beaufort St., no? Forgetting this, the dimmed red lighting and covered windows make for a different kind of exotic ambience which is still as appealing. Tip: If you book ahead - ask for a cosy and comfortable booth.

For starters we ordered the Silky hummus with minted lamb, almonds and turkish bread $10. The hummus was definitely silky smooth - a pleasure to eat, but I would have like a bit more garlic.

Silk hummus, turkish bread $10

My favourite entree was suprisingly the Pastirma and goats cheese gozleme, although they were nothing like the gozleme I know. I'd describe these better as a samosas. The Patrami - which Wikipedia has just told me is "highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef"; was salty, rich and delicious.

Pastirma, goats cheese gozleme $12

The preserved lemon, chilli and coriander prawns were my least favourite. I couldn't really taste any of the seasoning nor could I appreciate the would-be-tender prawn. I think these were overcooked - a little bit tough and quite a strong charred taste.

Preserved lemon, chilli and coriander prawns $14 for 4

For mains we shared the Yoghurt Marinated Goat, $30 and the Sweet potato, lentil and sweet raisin tagine $26. The Goat was the consensus as the dish of the night. Between four of us three entrees and two mains was just enough, give or take a side of pilaf.

Yoghurt marinated Goat $30

Sweet potato, lentil tagine $26
RAAH was an enjoyable meal and the service was one of the better experiences I've had lately. The total bill was $96 for four of us - not bad.  I think there's still room for amazement though. There were no Oh-My-God moments.

Food: 3.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5

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