Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Missy Moos, 6162

Cheery service and décor dotted with childhood nostalgia; Missy Moos is a happy-go-lucky burger bar.  Kids texta drawings, pinned with alphabet magnets decorate the counter. Kitschy plastic watering cans and tomatoes are used for table numbers, colourful oragami dangle from the ceiling, and menu items are named from various children's nursery rhymes.

One missy moo chicken burger plus extras
I first tried the 'missy moo chicken burger'; the chicken tenderloins were cooked perfectly and there was a generous smash of fresh avocado inside. I must say I've had a better chicken burger elsewhere however.  The accompanying onion chutney was overly sweet, even to a sugar fiend like me. I would have liked the option of a brown bun over a white one too.

Chicken burger, dissected

If you like your veggie burgers, Missy Moos does the best version. Order the 'peter, peter pumpkin eater': a pattie of spicy pumpkin, spinach, cous cous and butter bean; its full of flavour!

'Peter Peter, Pumpkin Eater'

If you're more of a sandwich person, they do a whopping club sandwich too but be warned; I’ve seen it leave a grown man defeated.

Burger: 3.5/5
Chips: 2.5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5

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