Friday, 23 December 2011

Halo, 6000

Looking for a quintessential ‘Perth’ dining experience with a view?  Forget C Restaurant and make your way to Barrack Street Jetty. It’s here you’ll find Halo Restaurant, hovering over the ripples of the Swan River.  

It’s a fine dining experience that encapsulates everything there is to celebrate about Perth; fresh seafood, stunning waterfront views and that close to perfect weather.   I recommend Halo for a Friday or Sunday lunch to capitalize on the pristine scenery. 

Amazing French bread
Barramundi, sweet corn risotto, avocado

The restaurant itself is smart and contemporary; with service to match.  Our Irish waiter showed the informed and enthusiastic service that I find to be absent in most Perth eateries.

Green salad side

Fish on cumin carrots, fish samosa and eggplant relish

In matters of food, it’s all made with high quality and (very) locally sourced ingredients. What’s arguably the best part of the eatables at Halo is their magnificent bread. It’s baked by an in-house French Boulanger, who is employed solely to bake beautiful bread for the restaurant. 

Roast pumpkin, beetroot and greens salad

Rolled sponge with lemon creme and pannacotta
The menu is heavily skewed in the direction of all things form the sea and you can taste the freshness in every bite. I ordered a Barramundi dish when I had lunch at Halo a few weeks ago.  Whilst the fish was cooked perfectly, I have to say each individual item on my plate was greater than the it’s whole.  The fish was served on a base of cumin carrots, a fish samosa and a spiced eggplant relish. The chef was obviously going for a bit of a Middle Eastern take, but the flavours didn’t quite connect. 

Chocolate fondant, mocha soil, chocolate truffles and maybe a mocha parfait?

Money shot

Never being someone to shy away from dessert, of course I had to try the Chocolate Fondant cake.  This was even more enjoyable than my main.  It comprised a perfectly gooey fondant cake, chocolate truffle cubes, mocha soil and some sort of mousse/parfait which I forget precisely what it was.  I'd like to bet that the same French Boulanger was responsible for this dessert, because it was superb. I had to fend off foreign forks, picking at the chocolate truffles on my plate!

Rhubarb pannacotta, raspberry sorbet, white chocolate parfait, rhubarb jelly

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5 
Service: 5/5

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  1. Lovely comment.
    "It’s baked by an in-house French Boulanger", "I'd like to bet that the same French Boulanger was responsible for this dessert" - the boulanger is German, not French.

  2. It seems I was misinformed! :)