Thursday, 8 December 2011

Saffron Indian Restaurant, 6052

Riding home in a taxi a few weeks ago,  I was knocked out by the strong smell of curry permeating the car.  I asked my friend sitting next to me if she could smell it too. The cab driver overheard and explained it was his dinner sitting in the boot and asked if I wanted to try some of it….as enticing as it smelt, I kindly declined his offer. It would be just a little awkward stopping on the side of the road, at 3am, to eat curry out of the boot of a taxi, no?  Whilst on the topic of curry with the cabby, and feeling fatigued with my current resorts in Indian cuisine, I started quizzing him on the best places to get Indian around Perth. The driver told me without hesitation, "Saffron, Inglewood".  I asked him what he thought of Gogos Madras Curry House, my current trust in Indian. He branded them "average". Intriguing.  What I describe as amazing, this guy considers mediocre, and apparently that plain looking Indian restaurant opposite IGA and Tyre-power, has promise. Naturally, this became my next culinary inquisition.

Fish Goan Curry $23.50
The restaurant itself is a large open space, perfect for groups.  Hanging lights and wooden floor boards. Matching burgundy chairs and table cloths make for an uninspired but homely decor.

We ordered a serve of Vegetarian Samosas ($9.50) the Channa Masala ($15.90) Malai Kofta ($16.90), Fish Goan Curry ($23.50), a Kachumbar Salad ($4.50) and spiced Raita ($4.50) and wholemeal Paratha ($4.50) to mop up the curry sauce.

Channa Masala $19.50

Paratha $4.50

Tummies rumbling, the waitress brought over our entree Samosas.  Everyone at the looked at the epic Samosa with shared surprise -  they were MASSIVE. Three giant triangles of crunchy pastry filled with a mash of peas, carrots, potatoe and fragrant spices. The sauce that came with them was a treat for the taste buds too.

Epic Veg Samosas $9.50

Samosa dissection

Chana Masala was enjoyed by all - a mix of large, pulpy chickpeas and caramelised onions, flavoured with masala, coriander and cream.  My favourite dish was the Malai Kofta.  Soft, fluffy balls made from potato, cheese and chickpea flower, swimming in a creamy cashew nut sauce. Its no wonder that the creamiest, nuttiest curries always taste the best. We levelled out the rich curries with zesty Kachumber salad. Itty-bitty dices of cucumber, tomato and an unexpected carrot, doused in vinegar dressing.  

Malai Kofta $16.90
A word of warning: don't come here for an early dinner, with plans to catch the 7:10 movie, because the service isn't speedy.  It's not sloppily slow, but slow like the cooks are taking careful time with your meals.  To me the wait is a small sacrifice, especially when you get to pass the time with great friends and BYO wine.

Food: 4/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Service: 2.5/5

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