Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Polly, 6000

Polly wanna cracker?? Polly wants coffeeeee. I'm going to assume this is the inspiration for this pop-up like coffee house that sits in the heart of Perth's cultural center.   Polly Coffee Bar resembles a bird avery in it's structure,  coloured models of birds perch over railings, and the counter cabinet displays an array of beak-friendly snacks such as vege poppy seed bagels and pumpkin seed rye sandwiches (taking the bird association too far?)    

Polly stocks a selection of European packaged treats and drinks including Hansi soda

One regular soy cap take-away

I like the simplicity of gray concrete and steel

Outside of its appearance, the coffee here is really good and I'd definitely recommend it over the Caffissimo just nearby (morning City commuters, a worthwhile detour).

I ordered a smoked salmon sandwich on rye with my coffee which the European chick behind the counter made up new for me instead of grabbing from the display.   I wish this could have meant my sandwich was going to be fresh however and I was disappointed to find the bread a bit dry.   The fillings were good though, plenty of smokey salmon coupled with its usual complementary companions; cream cheese and capers ( I'd have liked a few more capers if were getting picky).  Avocado and baby spinach joined the other fresh fillings too.

Cute stamp, nice touch

Smoked salmon on rye, baby spinach, avocado, cream cheese and capers

More bird motifs

you can see the dryness can't you???

Polly is a fitting addition to Perth's developing cultural hub (we try), but next time I'll try the sauteed mushroom and pumpkin version and hope they bothered to buy a fresh loaf that day.
Food: 2.5/5
Coffee: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience/Space: 4/5

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