Friday, 1 July 2011

Secret Garden, 6000

'Royale' with a (generous) side of spinach
After reading recently of the benefits of Salmon and it being labeled as a Winter "Happy" food,  I felt the need to start my day with a smoked salmon breakfast whilst in the city one morning.   With this mission in mind I headed for Secret Garden cafe which hides behind Tiger Tiger off Murray St.   I made my way past the indie kids tapping away on their Mac books at Tiger and picked up the menu at the counter before committing to the 'Royale' (poached eggs on toast with Salmon and house-made Hollandaise) with a side of spinach (daily greens, tick).   The staff were really friendly, educating me of the various sandwich and wrap fillings in their counter cabinet, and my picky request for a half serve of eggs and toast, and hollandaise on the side, was met with a chirpy "of course".

Soy Cap

As the name suggests, this place is peaceful, quietly tucked away from the bustle of Murray St. with a backdrop of non-overbearing art pieces that fit in effortlessly with the surrounding decor.
The meal arrived just as I was coming to the last few gulps of my soy cap (pet-peeve - forced simultaneous eating and coffee drinking ) and was great - egg yolk suitably gooey (#2 pet-peeve - over-poached eggs), toast was tasty, salmon pretty pink delicious and hollandaise sauce that hit the perfect balance of creamy buttery and lemon tangy. The coffee was good too :). 

Art piece leading to outside area

Food: 4/5
Coffee: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5 
Ambiance: 3/5
Price: $$

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