Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Pear'fect Pantry, 6014

Approaching this unassuming little café which hides behind a laundromat, you might think you’d stumbled upon a school canteen in the Perth hills. The furnishings that look like they’ve been sourced from either IKEA or a yard sale, only add to this humble little cafes character. 

A homely ambience usually comes in the form of plush couches, twinkly lighting and pretty music. At The Pear’fect Pantry it springs from the way you sort of feel like you’re at your friends house you used to go to for after school sugar and stuff your faces with Wagon Wheels. But this place offers much more than Arnott’s assorted favourites.  Fluffy frosted cakes and crumbly slices sit in the counter and you can see mother hen baking away in the 90s kitchen at the back.

Gluten-free choc-raspberry brownie $5.50

On an mission to find the best brownie in Perth, the gluten free raspberry-chocolate brownie was my pick of the sweet stuff. The brownie was good but i can't say it was worth the $5.50 it cost me.

The brunch menu here is great too. Presenting patrons with a menu thats got a bit of interest and traces of Mexican flavour; ideal for a hangover.   Two amigos chowed down black bean/pitta bread/guacamole breakfast and last nights G&Ts were forgotten. Who says a hearty morning meal is incomplete without eggs?

Mexican black beans w/ avocado, spring onions, nut cheese (vegan cheese?) & fired (not fried) tortilla.

Food: 3.5/5

Coffee: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 1.5/5
Space: 2.5/5

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