Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mount Street Cafe, 6000

You could come here for a nice breakfast, a great coffee, or a slice of house-made chocolate hazelnut cake, but really you should make time for the contemporary Asian fusion menu. It's fantastic. Hailing from Longrain (Melbourne, Yelp it), the chef ups the ante on Asian favourites like - Vietnamese pho with ox-tail wontons ($12), Pork belly braised in, wait for it - coffee - with radish and green apple ($28), and Chinese style duck crepes with orange and hoisin sauce ($12). Zing-zang!

MSC is located at street level of Riverview apartments. Eucalyptus trees abound

The prices tip the higher end of the scale, but this shouldn't come as a shock considering the standard, or the privileged location. The only surprises you'll find is - a truly tranquil unchartered territory that serves up divine haute-Asian fusion cuisine. Just note that quality takes prevalence over quantity. Think delicate small portions, but exquisite. 

I ordered the Pan Fried Pink Snapper with Apple Potato Puree and Radish Salad ($28). Artfully presented, the plate was an appetising juxtaposition of textures and flavours - crunchy/creamy, and sweet/salty. Beautiful.

Snapper with apple potato puree and radish salad, $28

I was was eyeballing dishes placed before my neighbouring diners, and they were doing the same onto me. I think I eye-witnessed just about every dish on offer (quite a small, yet well formed menu), and they all had me making mental notes for next visit. And there will be a next visit 

Sit at the bar for prime kitchen viewing

The ambience and service reflects the direction of the food - modern, a little bit slick, but open and peaceful. The Eucalyptus leafy, Cul-de-sac location really lends to the tranquil setting.

Modern alfresco dining area

Also note - so you're not in for a rude shock, that parking is limited and its not exactly cheap. 

Food: 4/5 Contemporary, creative, a feat of balance and texture
Ambience: 4/5 Peace and quiet, shut away
Service: 4.5/5 Enthusiastic, fast and pleasant. 

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  1. I've heard good things about the chef, will have to come and try it for myself.

    1. The food is divine. I really must get back there soon!