Monday, 15 April 2013

Genesis In The Hills, 6111

I love a good vegetarian find, and I'm generally willing to clock up a few kms to try it out, so it was a warm Autumn day that I made the drive out to the Hills for this Genesis.

Quite literally nestled among the Perth Hills, the tranquil and charming Australiana surrounds are the real drawing card here. Fronting the cafe is a beautiful veranda with wooden tables and chairs. The veranda wraps around the side of the cafe, hovering over pretty bushland.

From the small menu of meat-free dishes I chose the quinoa salad. A rainbow of both fresh and cooked vegetables with a herbed yoghurt dressing and a smattering of almonds. I feel healthy just looking at it!

Whilst the light and healthy meals were fresh, they were a bit overpriced and not really day trip worthy - the charming destination however, certainly is.  Dining amongst green bushland, patchwork homewares and a resident labrador, you can easily feel at Home Sweet Home. 

The warm and friendly owner will take the time to come around to each table after your meal to see that you enjoyed your lunch, which is a heartfelt touch.

Luscious cakes. Front: Banana, Halva and Almond. Right: Baked Ricotta Choc
If you're a sweet tooth, you could argue the cakes are worth the trek also. Moist and sticky, yoghurt and fruit based cakes. I managed to pass up on a piece of the Banana Halva Almond. Oh my goooodnessss!

Food: 3.5/5 (fresh and healthy but no wow here. The cakes however? To-die)
Service: 4/5 (genuine and friendly)
Ambience: 5/5 (Supremely tranquil and quiet surrounded by natural bushland in a homey establishment)
Value: 3/5 (Prices were too expensive) 

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