Monday, 6 May 2013

Dough Pizza, 6000

In a nightlife hotspot, and with a funky (if slightly young and trendy) décor, its gratifying to see the main focus here is the authentic Napoli pizzas. This means airy crust with a charred exterior and a chewy centre with pointedly sparse toppings. 

As the name articulates, the key to a perfect pizza is the dough. And the Italians operating the wood-fired oven here in Northbridge have nailed it! True to Naples in flavour and form, the bases are thin but not waif-like, pliable and slightly chewy. Pizzas are cooked in a wood fired oven at high temperatures for short time, giving the pizza the wonderful, rustic bubbled edges. The toppings are delightful too. You'll only find authentic combinations such as the salty and brazen; 'Puttanesca': capers, olives, and some serious anchovies, scattered over a wonderful tomato base. This pizza is a triumph of moderation.

'Capricciosa', $22

To beat the Sunday evening blues one night recently, my clan and I ordered one Capricciosa, $22; marinated artichoke, smoked ham, Spanish olives and mushrooms on a Margherita base; a Prawns pizza, $24.50; Marinara, prawns, zucchini and rocket; and a Diavola, $22; Ventricina (smoky pork salami), olives, roast capsicum and chilli. A Margherita base by the way, means tomato sauce with buffalo mozzarella. 

'Prawns', $24.50

With its spicy and salty combination, the Diavola was the first to go. Unfortunately they forgot the rocket element on the Prawns. The chunky curled prawns were however, cooked to I let that minor gripe go. 

'Diavola', $22

After getting my 'mangia' on like I'd never 'mangia'-d before, I quickly decided this was the best pizza I'd eaten in Perth. Dough is about quality ingredients and long-established recipes. Pinning down the essentials. The flavours are punchy without the reliance on hunks of frivolous toppings like pork belly or cajun spiced chicken. Quite a different pizza experience from the Little Caesars variety. 

BYO and proximity to Perth bar life mean groups of young people abound here. If you're bothered by the noise, order take-away or if you're fortunate enough to live in the surrounding suburbs, they deliver too!

Food: 4/5 (Near perfect dough, well sourced toppings, stays true to tradition)
Ambience: 3/5 (Buzzing if thats what you're up for, but don't plan an intimate dinner)
Service: 3/5 (Simple and Italian, much like the food)
Value: 3/5 

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