Friday, 26 October 2012

Sidney Loves Audrey - 6006

Its one of those coffee-shop-gift-shop meshes, where you can browse the cutesy home-bits and gift trinkets whilst you wait for your take-away coffee. Or if you’re like me, be lured by the heavenly waft of baked goods and decide to hang around.

Big fudgy brownies, chocolate cakes and muffins, resting warm in their baking tin, line the counter. There is free wi-fi but no suitable place to prop up your laptop. Instead the room is scattered with a mix of low-lying vintage settee (yes I just used the term ‘settee’. This is the sixties, remember) and coffee table settings. Sidney Loves Audrey is a good place to mix up your regular coffee and cake catch up.

The coffee, served in cute polka dot crockery and a shortbread cookie man on the side, gets about a 7/10 from me. 

Surrounded by quirky old world wares and Bill Crosby on the radio equate a whimsical air. The proximity to a busy intersection however, encroaches on some of this charm and makes it less cozy. I hope Audrey gets some more lovers so that the chatter of coffee meetings will add up to an inviting and warmer café environment.

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