Sunday, 14 October 2012

Canvas, 6160

Canvas is housed inside the beautiful and historic Fremantle Art Centre. Its a truly tranquil spot to bring a group of friends, some BYO bubbles and have a long table birthday brunch...with a Middle Eastern bent.

 The stars of the menu are the Shak-shukas. You probably know the traditional form - eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce with aromatic spices and fresh herbs, served in a small skillet. Well Canvas have taken this traditional berbers breakfast and made it their signature, offering versions that include fancy things like barrumundi, prawns and pork chipolatas...even lamb brains.
Sea shak-shuka with whiting
I tried the "Sea" version with my pick of whiting. The plentiful dish came with buttered spinach and herbs, labneh, harissa and a side of Moorish (extremely satisfying) bread, olives and herbed butter. The serving was enough for two, but too delicious to be shared :D.

Soup of the day - bean, ham hock

It's still a bit of a Freo kept secret but its in an easy running for one of the best brunches in Perth in my books. 

Ups: inspired breakfast menu, generous serves, house made bread and luxurious herbed butter, peaceful setting
Downs: Coffee was just ok, courtyard cold in Winter. 
Subsequent visit worthy? Yep

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