Friday, 6 April 2012

The Soul Tree Organic Store & Cafe, 6071

I discovered this raw, organic food sanctuary, when I picked up an odd flyer at a rec centre a couple of years ago. It was only the other week that I made the long, picturesque drive out to the hills to actually see what this mystery place was all about.

Hushed away in a woody pocket of the Mundaring hills; Soul Tree is one part café, and one part organic food store - although the store aspect feels a little like it’s been put on the back burner, for now anyway. The kitchen is really where the magic happens. Magic, being the operative word here. I am always delighted, and often mystified by the tasty and tempting creations that raw food chefs craft without the use of any stove, oven or modern processed ingredient. Case in point: The “chocolate tart” I tried at The Soul Tree Café recently. It was formed in three distinct layers made of raw cocoa, nuts and a myriad of other South American “super foods”, the names of which names I cannot recall.  This tart was some kind of Hocus-Pocus. A delicious mix of nuttiness, cocoa, creaminess and brittle; yet without the inclusion of sugar, cream, butter, milk or eggs. Just puuuure, natural goodness!

Raw Cacao, nut tart
For brunchers, there is an everyday breakfast board from which to oder, as well as a vegetarian burger menu. I ordered the tempeh burger ($13) and substituted the usual Sourdough bun for a gluten-free dehydrated version. I love vegetarian food and so this burger hit the spot for me.  The fillings were fresh and the tempeh pattie was hearty and filling.

Tempeh burger with dehydrated, gluten-free bun,  raw carrot, beetroot, greens and pesto $13

I also swished down one of their date, raw cacao, maca, almond milk and banana smoothies ($9.80). Again; a dairy and sugar free creation, but you wouldn’t miss the refined sweeteners.

"Heaven" smoothie - Almond Milk, Cacao, Maca, Dates, Banana $9.8

A burger + smoothie + dessert left me sufficiently stuffed. Those with cave man appetites however, might find the burger a little modest without the sourdough bread.

The changing counter foods are really what keeps this café interesting; comprising whatever seems to take the chef’s fancy that morning, there’s a mix of savoury and sweet ready-made dishes. I saw mixed salads, tofu and mushroom stuffed cabbage leaves, brown rice sushi, veggie patties as well as a pretty arrangement of The Soul Tree’s organic house-made, heart-shaped chocolates.


The inside setting is nothing swish but it has a heart-n-home vibe conducive with their food philosophy. The outdoor seating is actually set in a car park but the surrounding trees and tranquil remoteness makes it a really relaxing place to lunch. 


The owner and chef is completely chipper and endearing too, especially with her mega-watt smile and cute doo-rag and apron get-up.  

All in all The Soul Tree is a worthwhile trip to the hills. If you love The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle; this place is definitely for you. I’m only regretful I took two years for me to make it there.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5

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  1. This burger looking so nice and interesting to know that it is gluten free.