Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Office on Harrogate, 6007

I knew I was onto a winner when I recognised the lady heading up the kitchen here is from Voyage in Sorrento. You can expect the same wholesome and modern food that doesn't rely on fatty crap for bravado. Fresh and lean; an excellent lighter lunch option for West Leedy office workers. Actually, I'm kinda jealous I don't work within radius! 

Snazzy salads, toasted paninis, lamb wraps, seasonal soups...Might all sound a little 'standard' but you'd be way off. Everything is done with a little more attention to detail here like; serving fresh squeezed juices in mason jars and making sure every quesadilla that leaves that kitchen has a spritely garnish of greens and house made chutney. 

Medium mixed salad plate

For your afternoon sugar fix, The Office on Harrogate has you sorted. Of the wholefood treats on offer; the miniature Sticky Date Cakes proved most popular. Deftly crafted coffee is of the 5 senses breed and the gentlemen serving it up are super fine.

I wouldn't make The Office on Harrogate your next location for a fancy lunch date, but working 9-5 in the area, this should be your staple!

Food: 4/5 (Fresh ingredients, changing menu and never boring)
Coffee: 4/5 (Expertly crafted)
Service: 4/5 (Friendly, efficient for the quality)
Space: 3/5 (Variety of seating indoors and outdoors, for large group meetings or two person lunch dates)

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