Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Love Thy Neighbour, 6003

In a word: humble

Rear entrance and courtyard neighbouring Ezra Pound

LTN aren't trying to be anything far-out or exotic, just a warmhearted place with quality comfort food, at reasonable prices. Coffee is strong and the home style brunch has that (currently trending) American-Canadian twang. Boston Baked Beans with poached egg come under $15 and are warming and delicious. A rich tomato sugo seeps through the rye bread forming soggy tomato-y goodness. This is the kind of food and feeling you fancy on an overcast/antisocial/hungover day.

Boston Baked Beans on Rye Sourdough with Poached egg, 
Home cooking isn't the only thing to warm you up at LTN. The pint sized cafe rests inside William St Arcade. It's closed off and hushful. Introverted, yet cool. Mahogany coloured decor and personable baristas, lend that familiar vibe. LTN makes you feel at home. 

Poached eggs on Rye Sourdough $9.50

If you're on a diet, take full use of the table service and avoid the counter at all costs. The sweets are deadly! Some guest appearances: Banana Caramel Layer Cake, Mississippi Mudpies, Oreo Cupcakes and many more gut-busting Americana experiments! Peanut butter is a favoured ingredient.

Food: 4/5 (Simple hearty food, lovingly prepared)
Coffee: 4/5 (Velvet smooth and on the stronger side. Like!)
Ambience: 5/5 (Buried at the end of an arcade. Warm, quiet and mellow.)
Service: 5/5 (Affable and relaxed. Not all up in your business but pleased to serve you)
Value: 4.5/5 (On a hipster budget. $9.50 for eggs on toast. No. B.S.)

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