Thursday, 16 May 2013

Excelsior Deli, 6008

I chanced upon Excelsior Deli whilst running errands in the Western Suburbs the other morning. The pleasant location is accessible yet somewhat secret. A small detour from the Subiaco commercial hub, this cafe-delicatessen is positioned on a leafy Shenton Park street.

I stopped in for a Soy Long Mac after observing the gadgets and damn, it was delicious! The combination of - Synesso machine, 5 Senses Compton Road blend and a moustached barista- is proving a heady mix! Smooth and creamy texture with a hazelnutty, buttery taste. Perfect with soy milk and the best i've had in months! It reminded me a lot of the stuff at The Daily Espresso Bar in Swanbourne, who guess what? - use the Synesso/5 senses/hipster barista formula too.

The nifty space has seating to convenience a variety of visitors: 4 seaters, alfresco seekers, newspaper readers and a big table up the back with a bit more privacy that would work nicely for client meetings.

Back table ideal for meetings
There are some tidy looking sweets like Portuguese tarts, chocolate banana bread and oval berry friands which look either home made or very well sourced. You could also make a satisfying brunch of one of the savoury items. And also: gelato! I'm not sure of the brand or if its homemade but it stood out as high quality to me.


Need to get caffeinated in Subi? Detour to Onslow Rd. You wont be disappointed.

Coffee: 4.5/5 (Food and drink is not cheap but oh, that coffee was gewwwd!)
Service: 3/5 (Nay the fastest coffee up, but they're concentrating on consistency)
Value: 2/5 (Regular Soy Long Mac = $5)

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