Friday, 12 July 2013

Mary Street Bakery, 6050

2 parts flour, 1 part hipster, add yeast, bake.

Finally, Perth gets its first new-age artisan bakery. Cos, if you read the food journalism, its totally the in-thing right now. And the hipsters have already found their way to MSB.

You'll be welcomed by the familair faces from Cantina/El Publico/ACE, who warm you with their knowledge, charismatic demeanour and carefully mismatched shirts. The refreshed fit out is on the money, too. White-out walls, mixed wood features and the occasional totally non-naff hanging pot plant. It's a formula for paired back decor that makes you feel at home. There's a good barista on deck, but i'm yet to come around to the Pound coffee bean. It's a bit too easy-drinking for my taste.

Soy Cap, $4
Day 2, lunch hour

The creative baked goods will make you curse a gluten-free diet. Beautiful loaves, bread-based brunches, gut-busting cakes and biscuits, daily pie and sausage roll specials, and Aesop to wash the grease of your hands afterwards.  One Beef and mushroom pie, $7 was smashingly good; a buttery golden pastry housing rich meaty innards. Extra credit for the house-made tomato sauce, which we used liberally!

Today's pie; Beef and Mushroom, $7
Oozey beef, break-away pastry
Escargot, $5

If you can't face a carb-a-thon, you'll be pleased at the sight of seasonal soup ($13) and salads ($11), plus a couple of more substantial lunch items, this day involving Mullet, barley, baba ganoush, radicchio, $21 and another of Slow cooked lamb. The Mullet dish was plated with the similar rustic flair as those dishes I enjoy so well at sister restaurant, Cantina 663. I loved it and would order it again. Steer clear however, if you have an aversion to coriander!

Daily salads; chickpea and spiced pumpkin, $11

Mullet, Radicchio, barley, baba ganoush, $21

After two visits in two days, I say, I can't think of a better tenant to fill the dried-out Soto space. I've pretty much already consigned those guys to oblivion. Mary Street Bakery, it's a little bit hip, but its down-to-earth too. Tastes YUM, feels comfortable and it's so 'now'.

Food: 4/5 (Traditional methods meet newfangled flavours. Fresh, homemade and modern).
Coffee: 3/5 (Crafted well, but too subtle for this pigeon)
Service: 5/5 (Vibrant, amiable and they know their product)
Ambience: 4/5 (Warm, casual and not overdone-hipster)
Value: 4/5 (Pretty much spot on. Salads $11, Pies $7, Sweet baked goods $5, Breakfast $11-$20

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