Friday, 10 February 2012

Who's Your Mumma? 6160

When I heard there was a new bar in Freo called Who's Your Mumma? I had to check it out. When I read about these awesome pork buns they serve too, my itch to get there was even greater.

The name brings to mind some earthy, homey, hip associations, and they’re pretty spot on. The roughhewn surfaces, exposed electrical cord lighting, the drum of roots-rock music and the simple yet clever comfort eats on offer, equate to a down home, NY Bronx character. If I had to condense Who’s Your Mumma? in to a theme it would be 'Back to Basics'.

I was sold on the look of the place and how about service and food? Top marks can be awarded there too. My sister and I waltzed in late on a Tuesday night, minutes after the kitchen had closed, but the likeable bar staff kindly took our orders for food anyway.

Pork rilette $7 - a lot more appetising than my flash camera conveys

The menu is small but does the job. Who’s Your Mumma’s mainstay is boozing and the food is really a courtesy. We ordered a serve of the infamous pork buns ($12) as well as the pork rilette with pickles and a crusty, thin baguette ($7). Both dishes were a hit. I especially loved their inventive take on the conventional pork bun; a cut of crispy edged pork belly with hoi-sin sauce, cucumber and chives, and cradled in the softest folds of white dough. They are the cutest looking tapas food around. The freshness of the cucumber married perfectly with the salty pork and sweet sauce.

Pork buns $12

Who’s Your Mumma? was a total win on all fronts. Get amongst it.

Food: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5

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