Sunday, 20 November 2011

Collodel Ice Creams & Sorbets, 6076

Don't be fooled by the generic blue and white cups because what's inside is far from ordinary. Collodel is a family-run Ice cream parlor located on Haynes Street in Kalumunda. This place sells the real deal, and often misleads new customers with it's ho-hum exterior, making that first lick of Collodel gelato, even more memorable.

The dreamy gelato is made using traditional techniques that come from the Dolomite region in Northern Italy, and they make it every day, right there on the premises. How it should be.

Soft, rich, voluptuous gelato, the stuff here is on par with that I’ve tried in Italy and Spain. With flavours like Coconut, Crème Caramel, Coffee Cream, Vanilla Bean, Yoghurt & Berries, Cookies & Cream, it’s very hard to settle on a single serve. Faced with this difficulty, I ended up choosing three scoops; Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Rocher and the stand out flavour - Mascapone with Cointreau and Lemon Curd.

My goodness they were delicious! The Chocolate Rocher tasted like Nutella and is honestly the best chocolate/hazelnut version I've ever tasted. Eye-popping good. The Mascapone with Cointreau and lemon curd was exquisite; a perfect balance of tartness, sour and sweet. It tasted like a richly creamy cheesecake, stained with citrus. The Cookies & Cream was a treat too; a real vanilla bean base with crumbled bits of what tasted like half-baked tiny teddies.

At $4.50 for three scoops and $3.50 for two, I think this is pretty decent value. For amazing quality gelato, this is definitely worth the drive (and the calories). I'm calling it. Collodel Ice Cream & Sorbet; best gelato in Perth!

Food: 5/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5

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