Monday, 10 October 2011

The Dancing Goat, 6011

Named after the effects coffee bean consumption is said to have on goats (they go a little nuts...I imagine it to be a little something like this);  is my favourite place to devour a Breakfast Burrito.  Not too heavy and completely satisfying, these babies are a little bit cheesey and a little bit healthy.  Choosing from a hero of mushrooms or bacon, its wrapped with creamy scrambled eggs,  delicious corn salsa and a teasing of sweet chutney. 

Mushroom Breakfast Burrito

Live a little far from Cottesloe?  Well conveniently, The Dancing Goat has a sister cafe on William St in Northbridge.  Little Willys mirrors the big sister menu and executes it just as well.

Both venues have a humble and effortlessly cool charm that complement the character of the surrounding suburbs so well.  The barista work deserves a bit of praise here too. The coffee - damn good, the barista - damn good-looking.   

Not surprisingly, The Dancing Goat gets a lot of repeat business with half the customers being on a first name basis with the staff. Well why wouldn't you be a regular with tasty brunch, a laidback vibe, and some yummy coffee and eye candy to motivate you in the morning?

Food: 4/5
Coffee: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Mood: 4/5
Space: 4/5

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